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pouya javadi
2 min readJun 20, 2021


This blog is more about ideation of an effort to synchronize commercial and business establishments find new opportunities to provide event services for may folks who are looking for a more convenient way to find entertaining events. But it is not just a simple interface. It also help performers such djs, catering companies, musicians and bands to provide local service through these events and fans to be able to successfully register and attend their favorite show.


I have built a very simple Rails application where similarly behave in a same way, but in a more simple approach. This project is planned to provide ample of features and hence more technologies to support that. For the beginning of this project, I rely on the stack that I most familiar with, and eventually implement more technologies as complexity rises to support and scale the app:

1- Ruby on Rails

2- React

3- Elastic Search

4- oAuth

5- Node.js


The backend and database will be implemented using RoR, React for the frontend, Elastic Search for advanced searching features, oAuth for handling authentication, NodeJS to provide I/O and multi-threading capabilities to speed up the process, and Postgres for database.

Models and Associations:

Models are the objects of this app. Basically the object of this app revolves around:

1- Event_Provider

2- Event

3- Performer

4- Calendar

5- Comment

6- Likes

7- Discussion

8- Reservation

Basically, an event provider needs to signup, then create an event based on the calendar availability. Furthermore, a provider cannot have multiple events in a single day to inter-conflict.



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